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File types

File types accepted: PDF, EPS, Tiff (LZW compression) or Jpg/Jpeg (at least 150 dpi). We also accept PSD, Indd and Ai.

Best file type for print is a highres PDF. When creating PDF files, please convert all fonts to outlines.

PDF settings

PDF files should be compatible ISO PDF/X 1:a 2001 standard. Fonts should be included or converted to outlines.


The recommended image resolution is 300 dpi. For flyers/posters a minimum of 300 dpi is required. For exhibition products and large size print such as banners/roll-ups a minimum of 72 dpi is required.


All images should be converted to CMYK. Black colour should be set to 100% black (C:0, M:0, Y:0, K:100) for text and small objects and CMYK-value C:100, M:100, Y:100, K:100 for blocks/background. Colours as seen on screen could differ from printed result.

Bleed settings

For bleed settings a minimum of 3mm is required.

File conversion

Files not created according to our graphical guidelines will be converted to printable files (Jpg/Tiff).