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L-banner 90x200cm

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L-banner 90x200cm
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L-banner 90x200cm

The L-banner is a high-impact, cost-effective display system to advertise your product or service. The versatility and short assembly time make it ideal for a wide range of applications such as exhibitions, presentations, conferences, business meetings, trade fair, public institutions etc. L-banner is a great looking light-weighted display system. It is simple to use and it is easy to change the graphics. Quick-change, clip-shut top and bottom bars. Single pole, single foot. Supplied with a padded carry bag. Every banner stand comes complete with custom printed graphics.

Print size: 90x200cm
Weight: 2,2kg

Price includes
  • L-banner 90x200cm system
  • Photo media printed in full colour (4-colour)
  • Padded carry bag