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Event Flagpole 5m

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Event Flagpole 5m
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Event Flagpole 5m

Event Flagpole is an extremely visible display system to present your product or service in large format. Up to 5 meters height and a print size of 100x400cm. It is ideal for a wide range of applications such as outdoor events, exhibithions, presentations, conferences, trade fair etc. The system includes telescopic pole which allows the flagpole to be set in several sizez (min 167cm, max 500cm). Light-weight and portable. Water-filled base gives additional stability. Delivered complete with 4-colour printed photo media, base and handy carry bags.

Print size: 110x400cm
Weight: 21kg with water-filled base

Price includes
  • Event Flagpole XL system 
  • Photo media printed in full colour (4-colour)
  • Carry protective bag